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탁월한 CMOS 이미지 품질 - 일상적인 적용 분야에 필수

Jenoptik CMOS microscope cameras are ideal for image acquisition in science, research and industry.

The ProgRes® series CMOS cameras impress with their accurate color reproduction and high-resolution images up to five megapixels. The CMOS sensors work precisely and reliably, especially with contrast methods at high light intensities.

The precise Jenoptik color interpolation in conjunction with various imaging technologies guarantees excellent image results. This makes the cameras an essential and reliable piece of laboratory equipment for a very wide range of applications in science, research and industry.

Jenoptik CMOS cameras improve processes in the laboratory by providing fast and accurate live images. Our ProgRes® CMOS cameras can be connected to your PC either via USB 2.0 or via a FireWire interface. We provide user-friendly ProgRes® CapturePro software with the cameras.


  • Highest quality: Accurate color reproduction and high-quality images.
  • Fast live images: For a fluent workflow at the microscope.
  • Secure data transmission: Connect to your PC via a USB 2.0 or FireWire interface.
  • Cost-effective: Impressive price-performance ratio.

Fields of Application

  • Life sciences: Medicine, pathology, hematology, cytology, genetics, biology and chemistry.
  • Quality control: Grain analysis, welded seam testing and controlling manufacturing processes.
  • Material science: Mineralogy and metallography — for use in determining structures, quantitative and qualitative sample analyses and documentation.
  • Forensics: Securing of evidence, document examination and forensic medicine.

Product Information

Software Download

ProgRes® CapturePro Software

The ProgRes® CapturePro Software package is included in the scope of delivery.
Registered users may download the current version as well as more recent updates without charge.

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