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생산 공정 품질 모니터링을 위한 산업 측정 시스템

Jenoptik의 산업 측정 시스템으로 전체 생산 공정에서 제품의 품질을 효과적으로 모니터할 수 있습니다.

효율적인 자동 측정 솔루션으로 한결같은 최고 품질을 생산하십시오.

생산 공정의 품질 모니터링

Jenoptik은 생산 공정의 모니터링 및 최적화에 사용되는 측정 솔루션을 개발하고 제조하는 선도적인 기업입니다. 당사의 접촉식, 공압, 광학 계측 솔루션은 최첨단 기술로 제작되며 다양한 제조 산업에 사용할 수 있습니다. 시스템은 생산 공정의 모든 단계에서 최종 검수 단계 또는 측정실에서 공작물의 표면, 형상, 치수를 분석하여, 최단 시간 내에 공정 관련 데이터를 제공할 수 있습니다.

광범위한 전문 지식과 수십 년의 경험을 바탕으로 고객의 요구와 필요성을 정확하게 파악합니다. 당사는 고객과 함께 최적의 시스템을 찾아 드립니다. 상담을 원하시면 저희 전문가 팀에 문의해 주십시오. 당사 고객 서비스 팀은 전 세계 고객을 지원하며, 높은 신뢰성으로 고객의 시스템을 수리 및 보수해 드립니다.

Choose your right measuring system

Dimensional Metrology

Dimensional measurement technology with Gageline

Use Jenoptik's dimensional measurement technology for your workpieces to check diameters, lengths, spacing, shape and position. Depending on the measuring task, you can choose a pneumatic, tactile or optical measuring method.

Our measuring instruments combine the advantages of these different measuring techniques.


  • Flexible: Combine the advantages of different metrolgies
  • Versatile: Individual solutions for dimensional measuring tasks
  • Standard-compliant: Pneumatic metrology fully complies with the requirements of DIN 2271

Form Metrology

High-quality measuring instruments ensure highest standards

With our complex form measuring instruments you can easily check rotationally symmetrical workpieces. A largely automated measurement run can avoid falsified results.

The high-quality systems guarantee a form and roughness measurement in accordance with standards.


  • Robust and reliable: Reliable and safe use in various harsh industrial environments.
  • High-precision: Even complex workpieces are measured with great accuracy.

Optical Measuring and Test Systems

Vision Technology

Optical measuring and testing technologies have conquered countless new areas of application in the last three decades due to rapid technical progress and today enable fast and increasingly complete quality monitoring in production.


  • 100% inspection with up to 100 parts per second
  • High-precision contour inspection in the production process
  • Position detection
  • Presence, completeness and position control
  • 3D Digitizing and Reverse Engineering

Optical Shaft Metrology

Opticline Shaft Measuring System

Use Jenoptik's optical shaft measuring technology for efficient and transparent quality control in production. With high measurment speed, precision and optimum ease of use, the workpieces are scanned fully automatically within a very short time.

By using the measuring devices, you can minimize costs, waste and your material consumption.


  • Flexible: Thanks to the support between the clamping devices, the basic principle of the measuring instrument ensures maximum flexibility. Little to no set-up times, even with frequently changing workpieces
  • Robust and virtually wear-free: Optimized for use in production; with maximum system availability
  • Customer-specific: If necessary, the measuring systems can be modified to meet your integration requirements

Optical Surface Inspection

Visual Surface Inspection

Use Jenoptik's optical surface inspection to detect smallest flaws and thus improve the quality of your workpieces. High-resolution camera systems and high inspection rates detect smallest flaws immediately and matches with cycle times.

This can save costs in production. Choose a system that suits your needs. The Visionline systems, which offer an impressive full 360° inspection, are ideal for internal bore surfaces.


  • Reliable: Quality is continuously checked and remains consistent.
  • Modular: Standalone systems or line-integrated inspection machines.
  • User-friendly: The inspection systems are easy to operate. The Evovis Vision software helps in the evaluation process.

Roughness and Contour Metrology

High precision measurement

Measure the roughness and contour of your workpieces with Jenoptik measurement technology. You have the choice between mobile and stationary measuring instruments. You can also choose between separate measurement runs or a single probe step.

Even the smallest deviations can be avoided by using the measuring devices, as they work with high precision and repeat accuracy.


  • High precision: Precise and reliable measurement
  • Versatile: Mobile and stationary measuring instruments for different measuring tasks
  • Standard-compliant: Meet the strict requirements of international standards

Laser Distance Sensors

Laser distance sensors for remote measuring ranges

Measure and monitor distances precisely, contact-free and quickly with the laser distance sensors from Jenoptik. The powerful distance sensors operate contact-free up to three kilometers and can measure on almost any surface.

Standard interfaces and a compact housing form allow easy integration into your applications.


  • Flexible: Measure on almost all surfaces and even moving objects
  • Precise: Measure with millimeter accuracy and in a non-wearing, non-contact fashion
  • Economical: Work contact-free and wear-free

상담을 원하시면 저희 전문가 팀에 문의해 주십시오.

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