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Versatile Measuring Instruments for Measuring the Contours of Your Workpieces

Our measuring instruments will impress you with their high level of accuracy and repeatability in contour measurement tasks.

With contour measurement instruments, you can measure the angles, radii, distances and coordinates of your workpieces. You can evaluate the results in a computer-controlled target-actual comparison. This is based on the measured or CAD-based profile specifications. In this way, you can be sure that components meet your specifications and are of the highest quality.

Jenoptik measuring instruments are highly precise, and deliver repetitive accuracy thanks to the digital probing system and powerful software. The measurement run is largely automated, which prevents operator errors. You also save time, money and resources.

The contour measurement systems have a modular design and can easily be expanded. Depending on the measuring task and workpiece size, the measuring instruments can be designed so that they precisely meet your requirements. This makes them exceptionally flexible and versatile. Since the contour measurement systems are both compact and robust, they can be used both in production and in the measuring room.


  • Precise with repetitive accuracy: Perform measurements using the digital probing system
  • Robust and compact: For use in the measuring room and in production
  • Modular design: Flexibly tailor to your measuring tasks
  • Save time and resources: The measurement run is largely automated
  • Easy to use: Intuitive operation thanks to the powerful software
  • Customer-specific: Measuring instruments manufactured according to your specifications

Fields of application

  • Automotive industry: Measure and evaluate the angles, radii, distances and coordinates of your workpiece

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