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The Waveline C8000: Precise Measuring Systems for Contour Measurement

The C8000 measuring systems are used for the contour measuring of your workpieces.

The stationary C8000 measuring instruments deliver highly precise results with repetitive accuracy in contour measurement. The digital probing system works reliably and safely in combination with our powerful evaluation software— even in the case of critical contour characteristics. The measurement and evaluation processes are automated, saving you time and resources.

The system is exceptionally compact and robust, making it ideal for use both in the measuring room and in production. As an option, you can equip your measuring instruments with Wavecontour Digiscan: The contour probing system detects which probe arm is being used thanks to the built-in chip. It then automatically sets the correct measuring conditions, which prevents operator errors.


    • Precise with repetitive accuracy: Measure with the digital probing system
    • Saves time: The measurements and evaluations are automated
    • Compact and robust: Suitable for production and the measuring room
    • Easy to use: Powerful, intuitive software


  • Automotive industry: Contour measurement of your workpieces

Technical data

• Evaluation computer with 22" TFT flat-screen display, CD burner

• Evaluation software for contour

• PDF printing with automatic save function

• Motorized wavelift 400 measuring column with automatic measurement

• waveline 120 C traverse unit with incremental linear measuring system

• Tilt and support unit for traverse unit with swivel range of ± 45°

• Granite plate with 10-mm T groove: 780 x 500 mm

• wavecontour, wavecontour digital or digiscan contour probe including probe arm with carbide tip

• Calibration set consisting of ceramic gauge blocks, precision measurement balls, ball prisms and measuring table

• MT1 XYO measuring table for holding the workpieces (only C8000 digital and C8000 digiscan)


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