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Automotive Industry: Safe and Energy-Efficient Vehicles

In the automotive industry, Jenoptik increases the safety and comfort of vehicles. We also help large manufacturers and suppliers around the world to reduce fuel consumption and pollutant emissions.

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The key trends in the automotive industry are mobility, efficiency and safety. We provide systems, technologies and products that are ideal for use in production, for quality control, and in road traffic itself.

Our laser technology can be used to process the interiors and bodywork of vehicles in a reliable, quick and accurate process. Production-oriented measuring systems monitor the quality of your workpieces during the production process itself. They allow you to detect minimal flaws at an early stage, helping you to meet the strict standards of the automotive industry. Mobile sensors and driver assistance systems increase the safety and comfort of drivers.

In future, the challenge in the automotive industry will be to manufacture economical, durable and safe vehicles in a process that is as cost-effective as possible. Our systems will offer the ideal support. Based on our many years of experience and broad expertise, we will deliver the system that is perfectly tailored to your requirements.