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Bandpass Filters for a Wide Range of Spectral Functions

Bandpass filters from Jenoptik are suitable for a wide range of functions. We can develop filters that are specially designed to meet your requirements.

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Bandpass filters are used to filter narrow spectral ranges. They only permit light at the defined operating wavelength to pass through and suppress the rest of the light. Jenoptik develops and manufactures these filters, and customizes them to meet your precise requirements. This is achieved using such methods as our ion-assisted coating technology.

In production, we primarily use coatings made from hard oxides that are extremely durable. Softer materials, such as semiconductors, sulfides and fluorides, may also be used depending on the application area. The bandpass filters are usually made from specially arranged packages of interference coatings. They are combined with other coating systems, optical filters or other absorbent materials in order to achieve the required spectral function.

Contact our experts for advice — they will be happy to develop customized bandpass filters to meet your exact requirements.


  • Durable: Ion-assisted coating technology guarantees long lifetime
  • Individual: Customized designs
  • Flexible: Suitable for a wide range of applications

Fields of Application

  • Clinical chemistry: Optical microscopy
  • Analytical chemistry: Elementary analysis
  • Environmental technology: Optical measuring systems, filters for gas analyses

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