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Optical Filters and Beam Splitters for the Perfect Coating

Edge filters, dichroic splitters and polarization beam splitters from Jenoptik split, reflect and guide light.

If you need an optical filter or beam splitter, then contact the experts of Jenoptik for advice — they will help you to find the optimal coating for your optics. You will also benefit from our years of experience and our expertise.

Edge Filters

Edge filters are used to split wide spectral ranges into two. Jenoptik offers two different models: longpass filters and shortpass filters. Longpass filters transmit the longwave spectral components and reflect and/or absorb the shortwave spectral components. Shortpass filters work in exactly the opposite way. The edge wavelength and the angle of incidence of the light are equally important when specifying the filter. Depending on the spectral range, the edge filters require a particularly hard and resistant coating. If necessary, this is achieved using a process that works with ions.

Dichroic Splitters

Dichroic splitters split spectral ranges of the light into different spatial directions. This guides reflected and transmitted light components in various directions.

Polarization Beam Splitters

Polarization beam splitters are used to split s-polarized light and p-polarized light. As the angle of incidence increases, the edge position of the polarization splitter moves toward a shorter wavelength. The material and the arrangement of the coatings influence the degree of movement. The angle dependence property can be used to effect different polarization states for laser wavelengths or narrow spectral ranges.


  • High-precision: Filters optimize your results
  • Stable: Resistant coatings
  • Flexible: Optical filters for a wide range of tasks
  • Individual: Customized filters can be developed

Fields of Application

  • Semiconductor equipment: Polarization of light, generation of multiple beam paths, control of laser beam intensity
  • Optical metrology: Splitting of various channels in colorimetry

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