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Jenoptik Mirror Coatings Are Highly Effective at Reflecting Light Beams

Cost-effective and efficient: Aluminum, silver and gold are ideal materials for a mirror coating.

Jenoptik 고분자 미러 코팅
With a mirror coating on an optical component made from polymer, you can reflect light, for example as a deflection mirror in a scanner, as a reflecting prism in a head-mounted display or in LED light sources. The workpiece is covered with a thin, metallic mirror on the front or back. This mirror is usually made from aluminum, silver or gold, combined with a protective layer that is adapted to the individual application. This combination is extremely effective and available at a low cost.

The aluminum mirror coating is ideal for broadband reflectors in the VIS range and well into the IR range. If you combine the mirror with an additional protective coating, aluminum is extremely resistant: The material also functions well under difficult environmental conditions, such as high humidity. When combined with a dielectric layer, aluminum is even more effective at reflecting light.

A mirror coating made from silver delivers optimal VIS reflection values when used under standard environmental conditions. Gold mirrors are best used in the infrared spectral range as they offer superb reflection properties and long-term stability.


  • Versatile: Mirror-coating of materials in complex three-dimensional shapes
  • Reliable: PVD metallization (single and two-fold rotation) provides secure adhesion
  • Protective: Extra integrated protective coating
  • Proven testing procedure: Tested under actual production conditions
  • Variable: In-house procedure for transparent and non-transparent polymers

Fields of Application

  • Health care and life sciences: As a reflecting prism for a head-mounted display
  • Lighting and energy: Integrated into LED light sources
  • Automotive industry: As a deflection mirror for scanners

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