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The Right Coating for Any Optical Component

The right coating will increase the performance and resistance of your optical components — for guiding, filtering and splitting.

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If you want to guide light beams or split them into wavelengths, then you need a coating for your optical components. With our many years of experience and a wealth of expertise, Jenoptik can offer a wide range of coatings with various spectral functions.

AR Coatings

AR coatings prevent the light beam from being reflected. Jenoptik offers such coatings in a spectral range from DUV to IR.

Bandpass and Edge Filters

Bandpass and edge filters are used to split the spectral ranges. Bandpass filters are more suitable for narrow spectral ranges, while edge filters are used for wider spectral ranges. Jenoptik filters are available in a range from UV to IR.

Coatings for Laser Optics

These coatings are the ideal way to adapt the properties of your laser components to your applications. They will help you to achieve consistently high-precision results for wavelengths from DUV to IR.


  • High-precision: Optical properties are optimized to suit your applications
  • Multifunctional: Coatings cover a wide range of spectral functions
  • Tested: Regular testing guarantees a high level of quality
  • Customized: Jenoptik develops coatings that are customized to meet your requirements

Fields of Application

  • Semiconductor industry: Antireflection, reflection and polarization of light


JENOCARB- Diamond-like-Carbon Coatings for the IR

JENODUR- Antireflection Coatings from VUV to IR

JENOFILT- Bandpass and Edge Filters from UV to IR

JENOFLEX- Metallic Mirror Coatings from UV to IR

JENOLAS- Laser Coatings from UV to IR

JENOPERM- Wideband Neutral Density Filter UV/NIR

JENOPOL- Coatings for Beam Splitter Cubes

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